Several visitor visa options are available for those who wish to visit Australia for purposes such as sightseeing, visiting family and friends, short business trip and even medical treatment. 

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Visiting Australia is considered a privilege and there are different visas available for different types of visits to Australia. Depending on which country you are visiting Australia from, the type of visa and length of visa will vary. 

Currently, there are travel restrictions imposed preventing most travellers from entering into Australia with a visitor visa. However, there are exemptions which may allow you to travel to Australia despite these travel bans. You may wish to consult with us to see whether an exemption applies to you.

The main requirements for the visas in this category are: 

  • You wish to visit Australia temporarily  
  • Your intended activities fit within the definition of tourism or ‘business visitor’ activity  

‘Business visitor activity’, includes making a business or employment enquiry, reviewing and negotiating business contracts, attending seminars and conferences. However, this does not include any type of employment (even if unpaid). 

The type of visa you can get to visit Australia depends on your intended activity, length of intended stay and your passport country. The available visas are:  

Regardless of which visa you are on, you should be very careful about the visa conditions imposed on your visa. If you do not comply with these visa conditions, there could be very serious consequences. 

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