The business visa category allows individuals with investment or business experience to migrate to Australia to do business or invest in Australia.

There is a clear pathway to permanent residency provided business or investment requirements are met upon arrival in Australia.

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From 01 July 2021, the business and investment visa program will be simplified from nine streams to 4 visa streams with increased requirements for some existing streams as well.

If you wish to participate in any of the following streams then you should lodge an application before 01 July 2021:

  • Business Innovation and Investment visa (Subclass 188D) – Premium Investor Stream
  • Business Talent visa (Subclass 132) – Significant Business History
  • Business Talent visa (Subclass 132) – Venture Capital Entrepreneur

The other key changes to the remaining streams are:

Business Innovation Visa (Subclass 188A)

  • Increased net personal and business asset value threshold to $1.25 million (increased from $800,000)
  • Increased annual turnover threshold to $750,000 (increased from $500,000)

Entrepreneur Visa (Subclass 188E)

  • The $200,000 funding threshold will be removed.
  • Applicants will now need to be endorsed by a State or Territory government

All streams

  • Eligible for permanent residence (Subclass 188) after 3 years
  • Provisional visa will be granted for 5 years

The visas available for you after 01 July 2021 include: 

For all streams (whether you wish to do business or invest), you must be invited by an Australian state or territory in order to be eligible to lodge a visa application. Each state or territory may also have its own guidelines in selecting candidates to invite to their state.

Therefore, it is important to receive full consultation before lodging an expression of interest to maximise your chances of success.

You will generally be assessed against several factors:

  • Age
  • Business Turnover value or Investment value
  • Educational qualifications
  • English language requirements
  • Total net personal and business asset value

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