All our fees are exclusive of GST. We will charge the entire professional fee 100% upfront prior to commencement of your instructions. During the course of engagement, we will send you an invoice for completion of each portion of work where we will use the professional fees you deposited upfront into our trust account to pay the invoices.

Our professional fees do not include other fees payable to third parties that may be incurred through the application process including visa application charges, court filing fees, barrister fees, AAT appeal application fees etc. We will inform you in advance should we expect any third party disbursements and request you to make payment when necessary.

The fees listed below are an estimate of the average pricing however the exact pricing may vary depending on the complexity of your case. No two cases are the same so we are unable to provide set fees which cover all types of cases.

Please contact us for a consultation to receive a specific quote.



Fees from (AUD)

Bridging Visa


Work Permission Application




Visitor (frequent traveller)


General Skilled Migration visa


Temporary Graduate


Training Visa


Temporary skill shortage (per stage)


Provisional Business Innovation and Investment


Permanent Business Innovation and Investment


Child migration


Employer Nomination Scheme


Parent Migration


Partner Migration


Returning resident




Temporary visa


Permanent visa


Health criteria issue


Character criteria issue




Skills Assessment


Citizenship application


Ministerial Intervention




Initial consultation (up to 45-60 minutes) 


** depends on complexity of case

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    Your needs:

    I want to visit Australia

    Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)
    Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Subclass 601)
    eVisitor Visa (Subclass 651)

    My visa is expiring soon

    Study Visa
    Family Visa
    Work Visa
    Visit Visa
    Do Business or Investment Visa
    Global Talent Visa

    I want to do business or invest in Australia

    Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)
    Visa (subclass 188)

    Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)
    Visa (subclass 888)

    My visa has been refused or cancelled

    A right to respond to negative allegations or comments
    A right to be heard by an independent and impartial tribunal
    A decision that is impartial and unbiased

    I have a partner or family in Australia

    Partner Visa
    Other Family Visas

    I want to work in Australia

    Working Holiday visas
    Employer Sponsored Visas
    Independent Work Visas
    Temporary Graduate Visa

    I have a criminal record/health issue and my visa may be refused


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    Need to consult with us? Book in a free consultation.
    Our team will give you expert advice that has been specifically
    tailored to your case.

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      Tell us about your issue, we are here to help you

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