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    Passing VACCU in 3 months

    I am extremely grateful to Adele and her team for their invaluable assistance regarding my VACCU matter for PR application. My application was referred to the VACCU department over 2 years ago, and throughout this extended period, I sought help from 2 other lawyers without success. To be candid, I had lost hope before reaching out to BrightStone Migration. From the very beginning, Adele and her team have been truly remarkable. She formulated a comprehensive plan right from day one, outlining the steps she would take. Remarkably, the entire process was completed within the designated timeframe. Adele promptly addressed all of my inquiries, displaying her exceptional responsiveness. She is truly exceptional. If you are currently dealing with your VACCU matter and are reading my message, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Adele without any hesitation. She is truly legend! Thank you again @Adele @Ivy
    Successful approval from VACCU

    Saved our case!

    The service is very professional, thoughtful, patient and meticulous. When we were almost desperate after 11 years of applying for immigration, he gave us a great hope and helped us until the immigration was successful. It is our greatest luck to meet Attorney Wen. Trust the professionals, yes!
    Dependent above 23

    Overcoming schedule 3 requirement

    I cannot thank Adele and the team at Brightstone enough. They really are lifesavers when it comes to immigration matter. I remember when I first met Adele, I knew I was in the hands of professionals and she genuinely cared about me and my case. Adele had always displayed excellent knowledge and expertise when dealing with my complicated case. She is also very detailed and often spots all the mistakes in my documents , giving me the opportunity to fix them up before lodging it to the Department. In the beginning, I felt there was no hope to my case. I had been living in Australia for almost 10 years by that time but unable to get a proper visa. I was on a bridging visa at that time and Adele assessed the situation and immediately told me that I should act fast before the application was refused. She could predict it would be most likely be refused and, to her prediction, it was refused several months later. The Brightstone Migration team is extremely responsible, responsive and professional. Whenever I had a question, she would be very quick to respond and she explained things in an easy to understand way. Even though I was in a complicated situation, Adele made it seem so easy and simplified my options for me. Unfortunately, we faced a lot of unexpected changes during this process but I never panicked as I felt I was in safe hands. Whenever a change happened, they immediately changed their tactic and strategy for me. This is different to the agents and lawyers I have dealt with in the past who may take days and weeks to reply or never explain to me clearly what we are going to do about my case when there are these changes. It was like a rollercoaster. One day I thought I was going to lose all my chances, Adele managed to salvage the case and I am now a permanent resident already. I am so grateful that she never gave up even when I was about to give up my own case. I would recommend Adele and her team to anyone who is looking for migration help. They are not cheap but you will be rest assured that the professionalism and expertise is at the highest level you can ask for and you will be in safe hands. Thank you again to Adele and her team.
    Schedule 3 difficulty

    Visa granted to overstayer

    Me and my partner highly recommend Adele to anyone who needs to deal with complicated case of Visa application. My partner’s case was very tricky. We have talked to many travelling agents and all of them said that she will need to go back to her home country first, then wait for the removal of the 3 years travel ban and apply to come back to Australia again, but we really don’t want to be separated. I spent lots of time to research trying to figure out any possibility that my partner can apply for Visa onshore such that she will not receive a travel ban but no luck. We felt desperate until we found Adele. She was professional, very knowledgeable and she immediately formulated a plan to help us. The process was smooth, Adele explained us what to do steps by steps clearly, and it just took 2-3 months my partner already got her Visa. If you are having troubles with Visa application, we would highly recommend Adele from Brightstone to be your representative.
    LunA Yang
    Visa expired

    Simplified a tricky case

    Very good Experience. Even though my case was tricky, I was in bridging visa, Adele suggestions have been very useful and easy to follow. Would recommend to anyone I know.
    309 Visa

    Invitation for GTI program received in less than 24 hours

    Adele came highly recommended to me from a colleague who applied for permanent residency through the Global Talent Visa. Adele and her team worked diligently to prepare my EOI for the Global Talent Visa. Once I had provided all required documents for the EOI, it was lodged within about 48 hours and was accepted within 24 hours of being lodged. Adele's team worked directly with a Global Talent Officer to best understand the likelihood of my acceptance in this pathway. I felt assured throughout this process that I had invested in a team who were actively working toward a positive outcome. Their hard work made it easy for me to advance to the application stage. Thank you again to Adele and the team at Brightstone Migration.
    A. Palermo
    Global Talent Program

    Did not meet 2 year out of 5 years residence requirement

    Thanks for Adele’s help in my Complex Visa applications and has all been fixed up.
    Joseph Z
    Resident Return Visa

    Advice on overcoming 3 year ban

    I contacted Adele at Brightstone Migration about a half a year ago when my 3 year ban was close to coming to an end! Having worked on the incorrect visa and obtaining a ban I wanted to prepare and get some insight and advice. For me, although choosing someone with superb credentials is extremely important the “bedside” manners including empathy and kindness closely follow. With Adele she had it all! Not only was she professional but she helped immensely, offering advice and insight, answering questions continually, listening to my rants, my what if’s, the how’s and why’s ect. She was beyond amazing! Not to mention a kind person at that! I felt heard, I didn't feel judged and would HIGHLY recommend her! Thank you again A! Bailey 🙂
    Bailey K
    Overcoming the 3 year ban
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