Employer sponsored visas require an established Australian company (or overseas entity) to sponsor you fill certain positions within the company. These visas include:  

An employer sponsored visa allows employers to fill certain shortages within their workforce. However, it generally must be demonstrated that they had tried to fill these vacant positions from the Australian labour market first and that they only turned to sponsoring an overseas worker after failed attempts at hiring an Australian permanent resident or citizen.  

The main requirements for these visas are:

  • Occupation – the occupation must be on the designated occupation list specific to each visa subclass 
  • Age 
  • Work Experience – the work experience requirement varies for each visa type
  • Relevant Qualifications – the qualifications of the candidate must commensurate the basic level required to perform the occupation 
  • English language requirement – the English language requirement varies for each visa type 

The length of each visa is also different. It is best to enquire with us to find out which is the most suitable visa for the applicant depending on their age, experience, qualifications and English level. 

Summary of the Requirements (Sponsored Visas) 

 Subclass 407Subclass 482Subclass 186 Subclass 494 
Type of VisaTemporaryTemporaryPermanentProvisional 
AgeNo age requirementNo age requirementUnder 45Under 45
LocationNo location restrictionNo location restrictionNo location restrictionMust be located in a designated regional area 
Work Experience RequirementNo specific work experience requirements. Each stream differs. Minimum 2 years full time work experienceGenerally minimum 3 years full time work experience. Generally minimum 3 years full time work experience. 
English Language RequirementFunctional English 

Ranging from IELTS 4.5-5.0. 

See specific requirements here

Competent English Competent English
Visa Grant PeriodMaximum 2 years

2-4 years

*unless exemption applies

5 years  5 years 

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