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In Australia, there are many work visas available to those are in or outside of Australia and want to work in Australia. 

What work visas are available in Australia?

Work visas in Australia can generally be divided into 2 major categories; Sponsored work visas and Non-sponsored visas that allow work. 

Employer sponsored visas require an established Australian company (or overseas entity) to sponsor you to fill certain positions within the company.

These visas include (but are not limited to):  

There are also types of independent visas which you can obtain on your own without company sponsorship or government/territory support. These will generally be available for those with especially high skills or a profile of high calibre. These visas include (but are not limited to):  

Other than the above, there are also temporary work visas that allow for short-period of work in Australia such as the working holiday visas. 

How do I know if my employer can sponsor me?

Recent studies show that over half of businesses in Australia have considered sponsoring a skilled migrant in the past but did not know where to start or found the process confusing. The process of skilled migration can be more complex than other forms of recruitment and can be more time consuming and expensive. To assist businesses to check if they are eligible to sponsor a worker for a work visa, they have come with a 7-step process:

  1. Determine if you cannot hire someone already authorised to work in Australia. Explore local hiring options and demonstrate efforts made through Labour Market Testing.
  2. Verify if the occupation you need is on the Skilled Occupation List, which specifies eligible skilled occupations and the associated visa types.
  3. Choose the appropriate visa for the employee and your requirements. Different visas have different timeframes and criteria. Compare visa options for skilled sponsored workers.
  4. Provide evidence that you couldn’t find a suitable candidate in Australia through Labour Market Testing, showing genuine attempts to hire locally.
  5. Apply to become a sponsor, typically by becoming a Standard Business Sponsor. Check the requirements and process for sponsoring workers.
  6. Nominate the position by submitting a request to fill it with a skilled migrant. Ensure that labour market testing has been completed and that you meet salary and employment requirements.
  7. The nominated skilled migrant completes the visa application. However, it’s advisable to confirm their eligibility for the chosen visa before starting the process. Refer to the visa list for eligibility criteria, costs, and processing timeframes on the Department of Home Affairs’ website.

While it is not mandatory to hire migration lawyers or migration agents, they can assist you in navigating the process and avoiding errors. If you wish to obtain professional advice, you should book a consultation with a lawyer who specializes in immigration law to find out whether you are eligible for the sponsored work visa and whether your employer can sponsor you.  

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