Australia has one of the highest health standards in the world. As such, all visa applications contain a health requirement. Candidates must undergo certain health assessments to ensure that they meet the health requirement to enter and remain in Australia. 

Under the health requirement, certain health conditions are considered a public threat to the Australian community. This includes the following conditions:

  • Measles 
  • Active Tuberculosis

Even if you do not have a condition which would be considered a public threat, you must still show that you are free of any other diseases which may cause a significant burden to the Australian health and community services or be a significant cost to the Australian community. 

Some health conditions which may warrant further assessment are;

  • Hepatitis 
  • HIV 
  • Cancer 
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Renal Disease or Failure 

Each visa has a different health requirement (4005 and 4007). The difference is whether a health waiver would be available. A health waiver allows those who do not meet the health requirement to still be granted the visa provided they can sign an undertaking and demonstrate that their condition would not result in a significant cost to the community or prevent Australians from accessing health or community services in short supply. 

If you have any medical condition listed above, or any other medical condition that requires long term treatment, then you should enquire with us to see whether you meet the health requirements. 

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