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We received an invitation for GTI program within 24 hours of submitting an official Expression of Interest.

At Brightstone Migration, our immigration lawyers just broke a new record. We received an invitation to the GTI program in less than 24 hours after submitting an official EOI on the Department’s website.  

A Palermo
858 Visa


The client was initially worried about the GTI program due to the portrayal in the media that they were closing off any invitations to onshore applicants. We were also aware of this potentially occurring. However, the client and our lawyers decided to work expeditiously on this matter to receive an invitation. 

The applicant is a PhD graduate working in clinical research within the Health Industries. 

Difficulties with this case

Due to a change of government, there has been suggestions in the media that the GTI program will only be offered to offshore candidates. Moreover, our client was only earning around $100,000 p.a which is well below the Fair Work High Income Threshold (‘FWHIT’). As such, we were unsure whether she would be able to receive an expedited invitation before any official changes were to occur with the eligibility requirements for the GTI program.

Officially, the talent officers are only processing EOIs lodged in April 2021 (as of September 2022) – approximately taking 17 months. 

How did we obtain an invitation for the GTI Program in less than 24 hours?

We began preparing an extensive amount of materials with the client to strengthen her application, showcasing her achievements and experience within the health industry. We coupled the application with reference letters from her employer and relevant market research about her ability to achieve the FWHIT in the near future. 

We then sent this information through to the relevant global talent processing team for review and specifically reached out to a talent officer for endorsement on the client’s application. An endorsement from a talent officer provides priority allocation and processing allowing it to be considered ahead of the general queue.

In our other experiences, although fast, it would still take 1 to 4 weeks for the invitation to be issued. This was the first time we received an invitation within 24 hours. 

You can get in touch with us to discuss further if you believe you may be interested in the GTI program : Book a Consultation You can also read more about the global talent visa program here: Global Talent Visa 


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    A. Palermo

    Invitation for GTI program received in less than 24 hours

    Adele came highly recommended to me from a colleague who applied for permanent residency through the Global Talent Visa. Adele and her team worked diligently to prepare my EOI for the Global Talent Visa. Once I had provided all required documents for the EOI, it was lodged within about 48 hours and was accepted within 24 hours of being lodged. Adele's team worked directly with a Global Talent Officer to best understand the likelihood of my acceptance in this pathway. I felt assured throughout this process that I had invested in a team who were actively working toward a positive outcome. Their hard work made it easy for me to advance to the application stage. Thank you again to Adele and the team at Brightstone Migration.

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