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Client Testimonials

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    Gave better solution to visa needs than previous agent

    Adele is very professional and efficient, very strong logical thought and critical thinking which are critical for VISA application. My case was very complicated before I met Adele, after she reviewed my background and relative documentation, she worked out a very clear instruction for me and keep leading me to walk on track. Glade to have Adele as my representative of visa application and help me breakthrough difficulties to granted new visa. I definitely recommend Brightstone Migration as your first choice of migration consultant service.
    Chenqi Lei
    482 visa

    Provides a suitable and practical solution in a short time

    Adele is a very responsible lawyer. She always listens to my questions patiently, and then can give a suitable and practical solution in a short time. As long as my friends need to find an immigration lawyer, I always definitely recommend her .

    Visa cancellation decision overturned!

    I would highly recommend Adele Wan. Adele was very professional, attentive, knowledgeable and helped explain the milestones associated with the VISA processes to a timely and successful conclusion.
    M B

    Partner visa granted in short time – stress free!

    Me & my partner as a young couple applying for our subclass 820 visa was giving us little anxiety. But with the help and support of Adele in our every step, we were relieved to continue our stressful journey of partner visa process. Many thanks to excellent Adele and her team❤️ I know their legal fee are ain’t not cheap but it’s worth it. We didn’t even expect to get our partner visa sorted in such a short time. Adele was really great😊
    Maisa P.

    Tourist visa from Southern Africa granted within 1 month – multiple entry

    I am so so happy. Our case was the most difficult one but we got our visa within a month. The service was cheap and affordable. The lawyers are very friendly and quick to process your visa. Well done Adele and the Brightstone Legal team. You are the best immigration Layers
    Chris M.
    Tourist visa - high risk country - granted in 1 month, no requests

    Partner visa granted – 6 weeks – Sponsor’s divorce to ex-wife not finalised yet

    My personal view is always results speak louder than how good my praises of a person. My partner has obtained her temporary partner visa subclass 820 in 6 weeks (1.5 month) and Adele was our legal representative. Adele has the personal qualities that you know you can trusted her that she will get the best outcomes for your situation. Thank You Adele 🙏
    J T
    Partner visa granted - 6 weeks - Sponsor's divorce to ex-wife not finalised yet

    Partner visa granted in 2 business days after taking over case

    I approached Adele Wan when I was desperate. I applied a partner visa in September 2019 and I live in the Middle East. If you ever worked in the Middle East you would understand how connected your life is to your work place (Insurance, residence, family …. Ect.) and once your job decide to leave you the country finds no reason for you to stay and you must move. I applied partner visa so I can guarantee there is somewhere else for me and my family to move to as a package and without being divided. I hired an agent in Qatar and I did not know any better. They submitted my partner visa application and completely relied on my marriage contract and the fact that myself and my wife share a child. In their understanding this was sufficient to get us our visa. Not to mention the poor knowledge they had regarding the requirements for double grant. I approached Adele, and after one legal consultation I was convinced she understands what she was doing, she explained everything very well and made a very good presentation. She took her time and gathered all evidence. We provided her with information we didn’t know we had it, but somehow she knew and she got it out of us. She made sure all four aspects of relationship was covered and made a perfect legal submission. Every line she wrote down in her statement was backed up by a clause from the immigration law. She applied and we were awarded in 3 days. Her prices was reasonable compared to the peace of mind we had after! Thank you again Adele and Brightstone.
    K. El-Sefy
    Partner Visa - Grant in 2 business days

    Successfully obtained work permission even though previous agent failed

    Brilliant, Ms Wan handled case in very professional way and absolutely staight to the point. Successfully obtained work permission within days even though my earlier application was refused just last month. I am so happy to have their service. trusted agent.
    A. Shen
    Work Permission
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